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The incredible feat of Xolani Luvuno

Xolani Luvuno made one of his dreams come true and completed the grueling 90km Comrades Ultra Marathon, on crutches!

In the video accompanying our last story on Xolani Luvuno, he expressed his desire to run the Comrades Marathon in 2018. Well, he accomplished his dream!

Not only did Xolani finish the gruelling 90km race, he was forced, through injury to his stump while training, to do the race on crutches. He finished in fifteen-and-a-half hours.

Hein Venter, his employer and mentor approached the Comrades Marathon Committee for permission for Xolani to run the race on crutches. It was agreed that he would set off just past midnight and have seventeen hours to complete the race.

Hein, who had run the race several times before, ran with Xolani the entire route. As the day progressed, it became apparent that Xolani was the star of the day. Incredulous spectators and fellow runners were in awe about the guts and determination of this young man.

Having achieved his dream, Xolani has now set his sights on the Iron Man competition in 2019.  Xolani will have to undergo corrective surgery on his stump, before he will be able to use his prosthetic legs again.

But make no mistake, this inspiring young man will let nothing stand in his way to achieve his goals.