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CapeTownMag Hero: Paul Steyn

Written by Garth Prins, Published In CapeTownMagazine on 15 December 2016.

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The Paul Steyn Foundation is a registered non-profit organization with the main purpose of providing prosthetic limbs to financially disadvantaged amputees who cannot otherwise acquire it. The foundation relies mainly on donations from the public and small business. We have no large corporate donors and do not receive any funds from the government. We do from time to time get funds from a church that assists us on a case by case basis.

We follow strict criteria to guide us in making an informed decision to assist someone or not. Should we see from your application form that you do not fit our criteria, we will let you know. Our decision is final and we will not discuss it any further. If your application does fit our criteria, it will be added to ourdatabase for future reference. You will be notified that you fit the criteria. We are unable to assist every person that applies immediately and we may never be able to assist every person that applies. We do, however, keep all qualifying applications on our database, just in case we can assist in the future. 

From time to time, we do receive redundant prosthetics from the public. It has to be reconfigured for a new recipient as it is custom made to fit the person who will wear it. Whether we are able to assist a person with these used prosthesis, depends on a lot of factors.


Our main criteria is that the prosthesis that we provide should make a huge difference in the recipient's life. We therefore tend to help younger and active people who can still lead as normal a life as possible with a prosthesis, and be able to get a job once they have received it.

When we decide to help, applicants will have to be physically assessed for suitability by one of our participating prosthetists. If a prosthetist finds that you are not suitable, we trust their judgement and will not enter into any further discussions about the matter.

We do not assist with travelling cost or transport to these prosthetists, who are generally in the main centres in thr vsrious provinces.

Applicants will be required to agree to and sign various agreements and waivers before we will release funds to the prosthetist to continue.

The Paul Steyn Foundation does not help people who;

    Lost a limb in a road accident. The Road Accident Fund should be approached.

    Lost a limb in a work accident. The Workmen's Compensation Fund should be appraoched.

    Have a medical aid.

    Are waiting for any compensation related to the amputation of the limb. 

Application Form

Apply for help

Please complete this form. Please note that the information is to enable us to make an informed decision as to whether you qualify for help. If you do, you will be notified and it will be entered into our database for future reference (Refer to the text above). If you don't, we will let you know as soon as possible. Disclaimer Completing the form in no way obliges the Paul Steyn Foundation to assist you in any way. Privacy Statement: The Paul Steyn Foundation undertakes not to share your personal information with any third party, unless you explicitly grant permission for us to do so. We will contact you should we need permission. Please complete all the questions marked with a red asterisk, or the form will not send.

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